• Score Trackers

    Enter Competition Information, down to the score per movement.

  • Training Suggestions

    Receive Recommended training tools immediately, customized algorhythms serve up diagramed exercises with explanation on how to ride, video training tutorials and articles, based on your two lowest scores.

  • Video Uploads

    Upload Video of Competition Ride and Key Notes to Remember. Enter schooling and clinic sessions too

  • Score Simulator

    Use our "Simulator" to change specific movement scores to predict future scores based on improvements you will make.

  • Powerful Analytics

    View statistics and analysis of your tests with bar and plot charts.

  • Personal Sessions

    Option to submit your test for virtual training/review session to one of our affiliated judges or trainers.

  • Your Documents

    Store any and all equestrian documents such as sales contracts, breed certificates, show entry membership cards, x-rays, vet exams, food supplement labels, photos, passports and more.

  • Having a place to deposit my competition information, track it, see my results and easily be able to see where I can make points, is quick, easy and totally useful. Iv'e always done this of course, but now I have a tool making it easier and allowing me to better forcast the outcome to help me in achieving my goals.

    Catherine HaddadInternational Dressage, Professional

    I use it to track my students competition results. I have a central spot to analyze who needs work on what which helps me tailor my lesson programs and hone in on specific areas they can see tangible improvement on.

    Chrissa HoffmannCFH Dressage, Professional

    It keeps me organized. I love being able to review my videos of rides and review my scores. I also love the tutorials it suggests for me, they are right on for helping me with exactly where I have been low scoring. I really am enjoying using this program and see it as a program I will use throughout my competitive history.

    JT BurnleyWrenwood Dressage, Professional

    I love the help it provides for me and I love being able to easily see my scores over a time line. It makes it really clear where your future focus needs to be.

    Geena SturzebecherYoung Rider

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