How to use the Dashboard

This short guide will show you how to use the dashboard.

Top Bar

You start by selecting a horse from the first drop-down ("Select Horse.."), and then a Test from the second drop-down ("Select Test.."). The second drop-down will be populated with the tests performed by that horse. After the test selection, the statistics table will automatically update.

The New Test Data button can be used to enter a new set of test scores.

The Test Description button can show you a list of the movements from that test.

The chart buttons will display the evolution of each movement or total score.

The Dashboard Table

The table will show the detailed scores for each set, as well as the total score, as points and percentage. The 4 orange icons can be used to manage the test data, display comments, display the associated video (if uploaded), and display the score simulator.

The bottom area of the table displays graphically the evolution of each movement score, as well as the average score value.


The system will provide links to articles, videos and training exercises for the two movements with the lowest scores (in the most recent set, by test date).

CSV Export

Using the Save to Disk button, located at the bottom of the screen, you can export the displayed test data to a CSV file.